What I do is raise many different species of fish and I produce medicated fish food. My product is called Fishmeds-RX™ and it's a broad-spectrum antibiotic that's able to completely eliminate and cure many different types of bacterial infections with over 30 species of fish, including Ulcer Disease with Koi!

I've been using this recipe for over 22 years. Being a fish farmer, I've seen most every type of bacterial infection known to man and have yet to find one that I can't eliminate.

Fishmeds-RX™ is a medicated fish food in floating pellet form. Simply replace your existing fish food with it during the 14 day treatment treatment.

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Welcome to 5 F Fish Farm!

Are you tired of paying high prices for advertising and fancy packaging?

My name is Dave Peel, and I've been a fish farmer for over 25 years. I don't have some super-slick website, fancy packaging or expensive graphics, nor do I spend a ton of money on advertising. Those savings are passed on to you so you can take care of your fish!

I am not a doctor, nor am I a veterinarian. What I am is a fish farmer.

I've been making medicated fish food for over 22 years for my own use. I call it FishMeds-RX™, and I started selling it to my personal customers locally until 2008, when it went national. The main reason that it's popularity increased so drastically is because a large company out of California found out it was able to completely reverse and kill ulcer disease in Koi.

As a fish farmer I have seen many different bacterial infections through the years. This product has stopped them all, (and I have worked with over 30 species of fish,) from Koi to Perch and everything between, with no adverse effects.